The Big Day

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“Our wedding day was such a blast! We were done with hair and makeup a little early so we got to all hang out in the hotel room with our robes and mimosas. Some down time with the girls before the start of the ceremony really set the tone for the day and definitely helped me to relax.”

~ Courtney and Karl Married 8.28.2010, in Portland, Oregon


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“I received my Doie robe as a gift on my wedding day.  I quickly changed into it in the bridal suite, and felt glamorous and   comfortable while getting ready for my special day.  Pictures were taken and memories were made.  Two years later, while in the hospital after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, I was so glad to be wearing my Doie robe over my drab hospital   gown.  Three years after receiving my Doie robe, I still wear it every day.  This robe has been with me for two major   milestones.  It is my favorite robe and it is still as soft and comfortable as the day I got it.  Memories continue to be made  and I’m still wearing my Doie robe!”

–Johonna K.

Married September 29th, 2007 in Lake Tahoe, CA

Baby Audrey born March 1st 2010