{Hollywood Unwrapped}

I’ve often said that I would love to be on TV or in Magazines, in the capacity of talking about Doie Lounge, but when the opportunity presented itself I was more nervous than expected.

I was very excited when celebrity stylist extraordinaire (& also an old dear friend of mine), Anya Sarre, told me about an opportunity to tell the masses about Doie Lounge. She said that she would be hosting a show telling people all about her favorite holiday gifts and it would be linked to gifts.com—they apparently get 17 million hits on their site, around the holidays! It is also going to be shown on various networks and other places (Drs Offices, Airports) throughout the holiday season. We worked out the details, I sent her some robes and some info, and then figured that my part was over.

About a week after I had given the production company everything that they needed for the show, I received an email saying that they wanted me on the show and that they were filming the segment in two days, in Hollywood. As luck would have it I was already boarding a plane to Los Angeles, for a wedding, when I read the email.

When I arrived at the set I was told that I would be interviewing with a Hollywood reporter, on camera, and then filming an additional segment with Anya! They quickly approved my outfits and whisked me off to the makeup department.  The next few hours were a whirlwind and quite exhilarating. I had not been given any questions to study, prior to the taping, but everything came together quite nicely. They edited it all down to a little over one minute, but I think that it came out well. You can see the video here: Hollywood Unwrapped.

{Saturday’s Song} You’re The First My Last My Everything

You’re The First My Last My Everything

We got it together didn’t we
We definately got our thing together don’t we baby
Isn’t that nice
I mean really, when you really sit and think about it
Isn’t it really, really nice
I could easily feel myself slipping more and more away to
That simple world of my own
Nobody but you and me
We got it together baby

My first, my last, my everything
And the answer, to all my dreams
You’re my sun, my moon, my guiding star
My kind of wonderful, that’s what you are
I Know there’s only, only one like you
There’s no way, they could have made two
You’re, You’re all im living for
Your love i’ll keep for ever more
You’re the first, you’re the last, my everything

In you, I’ve found so many things
A love so new only you, could bring

Can’t see you if you, You’ll make me feel this way
You’re like a first morning dew, on a brand new day

I see, so many ways that I, can love you
‘Till the day i die…

You’re my reality, yet im lost in a dream
You’re the first, my last, my everything

I know there’s only, only one like you
There’s no way, they could have made two
Girl you’re my reality, But i’m lost in a dream
You’re the first, you’re the last, my everything

~ Barry White

{Weekend Inspiration} Casa Del Mar Wedding

I’ve just returned from a particularly inspiring weekend, in Los Angeles, where I went to an especially gorgeous and amazingly fun wedding at Casa Del Mar, in Santa Monica! Besides the breathtaking flowers, unbelievable food, energetic band, surprise “make-your-own” takeaway candy bags, and very cool afterparty– I have not laughed this hard at a wedding…ever.

As elegant and classy as this wedding was, the wedding & rehearsal dinner speeches were inappropriate and totally hilarious. I have never, ever, heard a groom get “roasted” quite like that… and even the bride had a few embarrassing tales told about her. They both took it with complete grace and smiles and people were crying from laughter. The energy in the room was palpable and the dance floor was full the entire time! What I loved best was that the couple’s true quirky personalities showed through even though the wedding was very upscale and elegant– truly inspiring! It’s been two days I’m still exhausted, but it was well worth it!

Putting On The Ritz

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 Photo: Sarah Schulte Photography

“We all got ready at the Ritz in downtown Philly, it was really fun to be with all my favorite ladies for my last morning as a single girl (and no one else could have kept me calm like they did). The wedding was so great and the girls and moms all loved their robes!”

~Meredith S, married 10.27.12, in Philadelphia, PA

{Saturday’s Song} Feel So Close

Feel So Close

I feel so close to you right now
It’s a force field
I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal
Your love pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall
And there’s no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now

[Dance beat plays]

I feel so close to you right now
It’s a force field
I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal
Your love pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall
And there’s no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now

[Dance beat plays]

And there’s no stopping us right now

And there’s no stopping us right now

And there’s no stopping us right now

I feel so close to you right now…

~ Calvin Harris

{Looking Back} Real Brides Q & A #14

Real Bride #14~ Hilarey L.

Where did you get married and when?

At the Art Center in Des Moines, IA on June 29, 2012

What was the best moment of the day?

Seeing Brian for the first time when I walked down the aisle.  Also, that my grandparents could be at my wedding.

What was the most memorable moment of the day (different then the best- maybe something funny, someone fainting, bad toast, etc)?

There was a huge thunderstorm right when we were supposed to have our ceremony and we had to move inside to our rain location.  It was really hectic while we were deciding what to do, but it ended up turning out just fine.  Another memorable moment was hearing what our officiant, Bev Davis, had written for the ceremony.  She is a good friend of the family and an amazing writer, so we knew she would do a great job, but we didn’t go over what she was going to say before hand, so it was all a surprise.  It was very special and personal.

If you could do it over again, what would you do differently (if anything)?

I would have picked a different dress.  I loved my dress, but I didn’t have much time to look (we got married six months after getting engaged) and I wasn’t that into dress shopping.  I wish I would have done a little more research and gone with something simple.

What was the most stressful part of the planning?

Our wedding planner had a lot of weddings in June and didn’t really focus on ours until just a few weeks before, so we were running around trying to get everything done.  Also the forecast was calling for a huge heat wave, so we were nervous everyone was going to bake in the sun during the ceremony.

What were you thinking while you were walking down the aisle?

I was trying not to cry and was very overwhelmed with what was going to happen!  I’m also very close to my dad so him walking me down the aisle was something I had always looked forward to, so I was really cherishing the moment.

Did you do anything special to get in tip top shape?

Brian and I stopped eating out and went to the gym together instead about 4-5 nights per week.  I would alternate the gym visits with yoga too.  We also cut out alcohol, ate only whole grains, veggies and lean meat.  We both saw great results- the wedding was a great motivator.

What is your advice for choosing bridesmaids?

We only invited immediate family and two friends each to the wedding- about 25 people total, and I didn’t have any bridesmaids.  My two girlfriends and my cousins came over to get ready the morning of the wedding and had a great time.  The two friends I invited to the wedding I’ve known for over 17 years so they’re like sisters to me.

What was your first dance song?

We didn’t do a formal first dance song- we tried to keep things kind of unconventional.  We had a live jazz band and danced together, but not to a specific song.

What shoes did you wear and were they comfortable?

After a lot of searching, I ended up with some really inexpensive silver flat sandals from Nine West!  They were really comfortable and went well with the dress.

Were you able to enjoy the reception or did you feel that you needed to “work the room?”

That’s why we only invited our close family and friends- we spent all weekend together and I felt I got to talk to everyone one on one.

What is your best “day of wedding” advice?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, keep in mind the goal is marrying the love of your life, not in the dumb wedding details.  Plus no one will know but you that something has gone wrong.

Did your relationship feel different after the wedding?

Yes I think it has evolved and is still evolving.  I love having Brian by my side every day and calling him my husband!  I’m very proud to be his wife.


{Weekend Inspiration} Japan Town

Everyone who knows me knows that my love of “all things Japanese” is no secret. I’ve been enthralled by Japanese art, food, and culture for as long as I can remember. Even at eight years old, my favorite food was sushi and my preferred board game growing up was a painted tile game given to my sister, by her Japanese friend Yoko. We couldn’t read the instructions (they were in Japanese) so we just made up our own version of how to play.

This attraction to Japan was not a phase and has only intensified as I’ve grown older and have discovered more about the country. It has fueled my own creative process–  the Bonsai and Mum prints, used on the robes that I design, are all Japanese inspired and the robes themselves resemble modern day kimonos. Although I would love to go back to Japan to explore some more (I was there about 10 years ago), that isn’t in the cards right now, so I did the next best thing this past weekend and headed to Japan Town, in San Francisco.

Japan Town was a poor substitute for an actual trip, but I still found it very inspiring. I was also excited to see that there was a Kinokuniya book store there– I spent many days at the one in Manhattan, when I lived there. I also saw some cool Noguchi lamps and of course there were amazing Japanese prints everywhere– from pillows to sake sets. Lots of big cities have a Japan town, have you visited yours?

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