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“The Doie robes were the perfect gift for my Bridesmaids. I was such a fan of them that I bought one for myself in white. These robes are beyond comfortable (the bamboo jersey  is so soft) and also look very luxurious! The robes look much better in pictures than sweatpants/tank tops do!

The navy blue/pink color combo is my favorite. The robes were so nice to get ready in looked great in pictures! I would highly recommend these robes to any bride-to-be for herself and her Bridesmaids. I have actually received a few emails from soon-to-be brides asking where I got these robes. They are gifts that can actually be used for a long time and your friends/family members will always remember your special day when they wear their robes!

I wear mine all the time. I even brought it on my Honeymoon!

Thank you, Doie!”

~ Lindsey B., married October 15, 2011, New Hampshire

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  1. Deddy 3 November 2012

    Hello everyone I am Megan, Melissa’s ltltie sister and I just wanted everyone to know how very proud I am of her and how much she has accomplished as a photographer. First she was an amazing teacher, and now she’s become an incredible photographer as well. Keep up the good work Mel, I love ya! Meg