Planning For Your Honeymoon

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So the wedding is planned and you’re ready to relax, but guess what? The honeymoon will most likely follow shortly afterwards, so let’s get you ready. As our dear founder (and avid traveler), Sara Kirsner Stith, knows, you can never be too prepared. Tip number one: there’s way more to travel prep than just packing, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Here are few more of Sara’s tips for planning your honeymoon:

{ Photo: Anatara Dhigu Maldives }

  • Talk to friends or family who have already traveled to your destination. Sara shared that she never wore heels in Thailand or Cambodia – even at her fancy hotel. Knowing this, she advises friends heading to Southeast Asia to pack wedges and flats instead. While books and websites are extremely useful, you can save a lot of time with a quick email or post asking friends to recommend their top three things to see or do at your destination. If you don’t have a friend who has been to where you plan to go, check out The Hitch List to get real reviews from honeymooners.


  • If the locals don’t speak English where you’re headed, learn a little of their language. There are plenty of apps available. Study ahead of time while you’re at the gym or folding the laundry. Even knowing just a few basic words will make your life easier when you’re traveling, and the locals always appreciate the effort.


  • Pack the right prescriptions and be sure to get the correct vaccinations. Check out the Center for Disease Control website, which has a handy list of shots required for each country. Don’t take for granted that things like Advil, tampons, or Band-Aids will be easy to come by. If you really want to be covered, you can also purchase insurance from DAN, which is an inexpensive way to be assisted in a medical emergency, anywhere in the world, (even if you are not a diver).


  • Remember to think about comfort for the long plane rides: a sleep mask is a must, and travel neck pillows will make the hours pass in comfort. Make a travel play-list and wear pants or leggings that are comfortable at the waist. And don’t forget to bring snacks!


  • If you’re one of the lucky one who will be traveling to multiple destinations, keep in mind that you should pack light and plan on repurposing many of your clothes. You don’t want to be burdened by heavy luggage, so think about layers and clothes that don’t require ironing. Also, be sure to bring some basics that can be mixed and matched to create a few different looks, with limited pieces. Jewelry, and a cardigan, are always key in taking a look from day to night, and they don’t take up much room in your bag.


  • Do a little research: remember one of the best parts of traveling is that you’ll be exposed to different cultures and customs. A polite gesture in one country could be offensive in another. There are loads of books and web sites that deal with specific cultures; Kwintessential and Cutlure Trip both cover a lot of ground.


  • Last, but definitely not least, make sure that your passport is up to date! Also, most countries require that your passport should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally. Most countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel.


Remember what they say about “the best-laid plans” – even the most prepared traveler will still most likely have an experience that she has not arranged for. The most important thing you can pack is a good attitude – especially since you’ll be traveling with your new spouse. Enjoy it, and laugh it off with things don’t go as planned. These will be the stories you share when you come home.


Liz Mathews is a Connecticut based mother, teacher, and freelance writer who blogs on children’s books and related topics at La La La. Her work has appeared in Quality Women’s Fiction, Town and Country magazine, and Literary Mama.

Style Me Pretty Giveaway

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In honor of summer, we are doing a pastel robe giveaway with Style Me Pretty! Head over to their website here, for a chance to win your choice of the Betty, Shirley, Arabella, Paige, or Lillian robes.

Below is a little pastel pretty inspiration from some real bridal parties. Enjoy!

Rachel in Doie Lounge Robes

{ Photo: Andre Maier Photography }

Betty Robes

{ Valorie Darling Photography }

Sophie & Bridesmaids in Doie Lounge Robes

{ Photo: Keepsake Photography }


{ Jeff Tisman Photography }

Natalie_blfstudios Inc.

{ BLF Studios }

Healdsburg Wedding

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Barn_rev_Valorie Darling Photography copy

{ Photo: Valorie Darling }

Ok, I am well aware of the fact that this blog has been neglected for a few months, but I have a good excuse… I got married! Between work and wedding planning, the blog sadly got put on the back burner.

Although I work with brides every day, I didn’t truly understand how intense the wedding planning process was, until I went though it myself. I do have to say that it was all worth it. We loved how everything turned out even though there were plenty of bumps along the way… but I will save those details for another post.

Above is one of our favorite photos from our Northern California Wedding, taken by our super talented photographer, Valorie Darling. Full feature with vendor details coming soon…



Animals at Weddings

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I’ll admit it, I like cats…scratch that (pun intended), I love them! I don’t actually have a cat, but I can imagine that if I did, “Princess Cute Muffin” would be there with some kind of flower crown on. Anyone browsing weddings on Pinterest can see everything from elephants to birds, being incorporated into the big day. I don’t know if animals at weddings is a passing trend, or if it has some major staying power, but dressing up your Westie in a little bow tie does’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

kitten in flower crown

{ Photo: Amanda Keeys Photography }

doggy tux

{ Photo: Jennifer Bullock Photography }

Some people refer to their pets as their “furry kids,” so it kind of makes sense to have your kids at your wedding, don’t you agree? If you find dressing up your animal a little over the top, pets with signage are a great idea… assuming that you can trust that your four-legged friend won’t run off.

doggy signage wedding

{ Photo: Leila Brewster Photography }

small dog with sign wedding

{ Photo via Pinterest }

No pet? A llama or elephant adds an exotic touch to a destination wedding. Goats and horses complete the vision for rustic farm weddings, adding a level of authenticity and of course making for adorable and beautiful photos.

elephant in wedding

{ Photo: Amanda Kopp }

Wedding Goat

{ Photo: EP Love }

If all else fails, maybe you will be lucky enough to have an uninvited “guest” show up at just the right moment…

Deer in Wedding

{ Photo: Thru Kat’s Eye Photography }

Horse in Wedding

{ Photo: Marie Wootton Photography }




So Luxurious

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Doie Lounge robes for bridesmaids
{ Photographer:  Katie Hall }

I am SO happy I purchased these beautiful bridesmaid robes – they were the perfect gift for my bridesmaids!  Sara was so incredible easy to work with and was so flexible. Everyone was in a panic about what to wear the morning of – tank top, short, yoga pants – but they were so happy to open these gifts the night before! I chose white for myself, and wanted a matching look for all my maids. I was so happy to find an almost identical, but slightly different robe for my maid of honor to wear – it helped her stand out!

The bridesmaid robes looked stunning in our photos, and were so unbelievably comfortable to wear all day. Not only were they super comfy, but they felt so luxurious! People have already begun asking where I bought them – I will be recommending these to brides left and right! Thank you Sara, for giving us the most beautiful, perfect bridesmaid robes!

~Lani T.,  married September 2nd in Massachusetts

Montego ‘Maids

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 {Photo: Maggie Thalheimer, of Gerber and Scarpelli}

Whit and I were married at the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Jamaica in February of 2013 (the best time to escape a Chicago winter!)  95 of our friends and family joined us in Jamaica for the most memorable, fun-filled weekend.  When Whit and I were deciding on gifts for our bridal party we wanted to give them all really special gifts after all they were doing for us!  Doie Lounge bridesmaid robes were perfect.  I really had never seen anything like them, and I can’t even describe how comfy they are (I wear mine EVERY SINGLE DAY when I am getting ready, my husband jokes that I live in it, and he’s pretty much telling the truth!)

My bridesmaids absolutely loved these robes, and it was so fun to get ready in the bridesmaid robes all together.  My little sister called me last week and said thank you again for the robe as she uses it all the time (in fact she told one of her good friends to use Doie Lounge for her bridesmaid robes). It makes me so happy that it is something that the girls can wear all the time and think of our awesome wedding weekend- truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Sara was an amazing vendor to work with…she responds quickly to emails, offers great suggestions and I received the bridesmaid robes extremely quickly- I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Sara and Doie Lounge– just the best!

~Mary R. married 02.09.13, in Montego Bay, Jamaica

{ Throwing a Rehearsal Dinner }

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As many frequent wedding attendees know, often the biggest night of the wedding weekend is not actually the night of the ceremony and reception. Instead, it’s the eve of the wedding that stands out most: what is known as the rehearsal dinner. These dinners take many forms. Though traditionally hosted by the groom’s side, in modern times it’s becoming increasingly more common for both sides to split the cost, or even for the bride and groom to cover the cost themselves. There are a few reasons this night ends up being one of the highlights of the wedding weekend: there’s not as much pressure, everyone has just arrived and is ready to start celebrating, and the toasts are often the most memorable part. Again, though it has become customary for more than just the best man to speak at the wedding, the rehearsal dinner is often the more intimate night in which members of the wedding party, family, and other special guests have the opportunity to toast the couple.

Dinner Toast

Make no mistake, this night does require some attention to set the tone for what’s to come.

  • It’s not a bad idea to put the vibe out there that you’re open to toasting and even roasting! I attended one wedding where the groom’s father asked that people please keep their toasts brief and to the point. Of course this mild request basically turned everyone off from toasting.


  • Attendants and family: use this night as an opportunity to be playful with the special couple. The best dinners I’ve attended included the shoe game in which bride and groom sit back to back and each hold one of the other’s shoe in their hands. As members of the wedding party as the couple questions, each must hold up whichever shoe represents the answer. Kind of a pre-newlywed game of sorts –but fun and lively and always a crowd-pleaser.


  • Another wedding I attended in Florida included favors for the wedding party from the mother of the bride: each bridesmaid received a copy of Anne Morrow Lindberg’s A Gift from the Sea. This was such a nice personal touch – a way to thank the wedding party in a private and thoughtful way before the rest of the guests descend on the weekend.


  • Be a planner! There will be plenty of out of town guests clamoring at the opportunity to begin celebrating. Choose a festive bar or restaurant for everyone to descend upon during or after the dinner. But watch yourself….you don’t want to fall victim to the “rehearsal dinner” night syndrome, in which you have a little too much fun or are what my dad likes to call “over-served” to enjoy the actual wedding and reception the next night. Pace yourself and maybe give yourself a curfew.


Whether you choose to keep this night simple, with just immediate family, or open it up to a much larger group – it is most often the beginning of it all: be present and enjoy every moment.


Liz Mathews is a Connecticut based mother, teacher, and freelance writer who blogs on children’s books and related topics at La La La. Her work has appeared in Quality Women’s Fiction, Town and Country magazine, and Literary Mama.

Just Maui’ed

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 {Photo: Callaway Gable}

I was fortunate to have amazing sisters to stand beside me on my wedding and knew the Doie Robes would be a perfect bridesmaid gift.  I picked a variety of colors that would fit their personalities and I chose my favorite color, blue, so I could continue to wear it after the wedding.  They were the perfect attire for the relaxing morning and everyone looked beautiful in the robes with lovely Maui in the background.  I was so excited to find these robes and working with Sara made it easy and stress free.

~ Eryn S., married January 19, 2014, in Maui

New England Nuptials

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{Photo: Kacie for Jennifer Leatherwood Photography}

Brendan and I got married at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI on October 18, 2013.  We wanted a Fall New England wedding and it was the most magical day!  When I met Sara a year before our wedding, I knew these robes would be the perfect bridesmaid gift for my ladies and of course I had to get one for myself (Sadie’s my favorite).  The morning of the wedding, they were hanging up in Doie garment bags with a special note for each of them when they walked into the room.  It was really fun getting ready all together in our robes!  They are so soft and cozy and something that we’ll have for a long time.  Bonus…the girls were able to wear them over their dresses without revealing them to anyone on our way out of the hotel to the ceremony.

Sara is awesome and so easy to work with!  I highly recommend these robes because they’re such a thoughtful and useful bridesmaid gift and they photograph really well.  Every time I wear mine it brings back so many wonderful memories!!!

~Stacey H., married on 10.18.13, in Newport, RI

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