Truly Obsessed

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I’m truly obsessed with my Doie Lounge Robe. It is everything you wish for in a robe, soft, comfortable, and super chic. I seriously wear mine every single day, except unfortunately, if it’s laundry day. As a new mom, I’m lucky if I get “dressed” for the day, so wearing my Doie Lounge Robe makes me feel put together, feminine, and comfortable. My only regret is not having found these beautiful robes earlier, as they would make for the most perfect new mom robe postpartum, especially for any post birth photos to make any mama feel glamorous. It’s truly the perfect gift for any mom, new mom, or mom-to-be.

~ Sarah F. of Mother and Style Blog

Absolutely Perfect

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“I absolutely LOVE my Doie robe. The material is eco-friendly and luxuriously soft, so absolutely perfect when cuddling with my baby boy. I wear it almost every day and treasure my cozy moments feeding my son in such a comfortable, yet beautiful robe. Only wish I could walk out the door in it! ”

~Mika S., baby Graydon born September 2015

Much Love

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“I was given one of these amazing robes while I was pregnant and I’ve now have three! I wear them everyday. Made of all eco-friendly materials, it’s the best robe for a pregnant or nursing mama. My baby loves to play with the silk colorful collar and tie. I cannot say enough about how much I love this robe.”

~Abbie R., Baby Faye born Dec. 2012

Loving and Living In Style

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“I gifted myself the Luella robe in the last month of my pregnancy and it was one of the best things I have done (before having my darling daughter, of course!).  I wore my robe comfortably up until I went to the hospital and while in the hospital I LIVED in my robe.  It was comfortable, luxurious and stylish.  I didn’t mind having visitors  nurses, doctors come in/out while wearing my robe because it is so pretty and doesn’t look like your typical robe. 13+ months later I am still loving and living in my robe.” 

~ Lindsey K., Eloise born June 2012

Boston Strong

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“I loved having this robe with me in the hospital. It made me feel human again after delivery! It was the most luxurious thing ever compared to those hospital robes!!! The robe was really the best thing I packed! I loved it for pictures and visitors.”

~ Caitlin M., Camden born June 2013

Special Delivery

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“I absolutely LOVED having my Doie robe for the hospital after giving birth to my son.  It is cute & easy to wear which made me comfortable having visitors in our room.  It was THE PERFECT baby shower gift!  Now I wear it every morning at home and honestly love putting it on each day.”

~ Lisa K., Taylor Sean, born May, 2010