{Looking Back} Real Brides Q & A #12

Real Bride #12~ Sararose Benham


Where did you get married and when?

St. Lukes in the Fields, New York City,  June 5, 2010 Reception at The Little Owl Restaurant in the West Village.

What was the best moment of the day?

The best moment for me was exchanging our vows. I got choked up and a little teary which I never imagined I would.  I think because I stayed so present I was able to really hear and feel the magnitude of the promises we were repeating.  We had written our own vows which made it all very personal and that much more special.

What was the most memorable moment of the day (different than the best- maybe something funny, someone fainting, bad toast, etc)?

After we said our vows and kissed, Tom leaned down and kissed my belly (I was four months pregnant) which was a total surprise and a really genuinely touching and memorable moment I will never forget. He did stain my dress with my lipstick though!

If you could do it over again, what would you do differently (if anything)?  

I would have planned to go on honeymoon directly following the wedding. As wonderful as it all was, going back to work on Monday was not ideal and here we are two years later with two kids and have still not taken one!

What was the most stressful part of the planning?  

The only stressful part of the planning was the invitation list. We decided to make it a very small event and chose the venue (The Little Owl) which only seats 30 people.  Trying to figure out who could come and what space we had was really stressful as I wanted EVERYONE there! 

What were you thinking while you were walking down the aisle?

How handsome my man looked and how rad it was that my friends were all shouting so loud with such energy and love. It felt so awesome! I had gotten ready right across the street in my apartment and just had to walk across the street and into the garden with  my parents. I felt beautiful and lucky and happier than I had ever been. It sounds cheesy but it was really the best.

Did you do anything special to get in tip top shape?

I trained three days a week with a trainer in the gym at my work.  Although I was pregnant I focused on my arms and back.

What is your advice for choosing bridesmaids?

I decided not to have bridesmaids. I had such a small wedding it didn’t really make sense to single anyone out. I had my oldest best friend come back with us after the ceremony to bustle my train as she had been at all of my fittings, and my sister handed Tom the ring during the ceremony.

What was your first dance song? We didn’t do one!

Our wedding was not the most traditional wedding. We did not have a cake (each guest got their own little chocolate molten cake and we did not have a first song).  We did get super down and dirty to Telephone by Lady Gaga during the party and our entrance song was We are Family by Sister Sledge. We focused the most on the entrance song as found it to be a really meaningful moment.  We had gotten married in a little garden in between our apartment and the Little Owl restaurant. After the ceremony we went back to our roof to take photos with the empire state building and NYC skyline behind us as well as have a moment with one another and our two best friends. While we were there our guests walked to the restaurant and had drinks and hors d’oeuvres while waiting for us. When we entered we wanted a really fun song playing that would get the party started instantly and be meaningful for everyone in the room not just us. We are Family was perfectly fitting.

What shoes did you wear and were they comfortable?

Some cheapo ones I bought online. They were NOT comfortable but looked pretty and didn’t cost a lot. I knew I would scuff them up walking around the streets of NYC and standing in the grass in the garden and wasn’t sure if it would rain or not (it didn’t, yay!).  So I decided not to spend a lot on footwear. I threw them away recently!

Were you able to enjoy the reception or did you feel that you needed to “work the room?”

Completely enjoyed! With just 30 people in attendance it was easy to feel at ease. There was no pressure or nudging each other to make sure to talk to anyone, it felt very relaxed and easy just the way we wanted it!

What is your best “day of wedding” advice?  

I think that staying present and having fun are the most important. 

Did your relationship feel different after the wedding?

Surprisingly YES!  I didn’t think we could be any closer or feel any more connected but we did. It felt different. There was and continues to be a sense of security and complete dedication to one another that I must have not felt before.