Bangalow Bride

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Bridal robe by Doie Lounge

{ Photo: Blue Tulip Imaging }

My husband & I have been together for ten years and travelled the world and lived overseas together but we decided to get married in one of our favourite places, Bangalow. It is a tiny town just south of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. We got ready at two separate houses in Byron Bay and held our wedding at The Bangalow A&I Hall and Showgrounds. We had a relaxed DIY wedding with most of our vendors/suppliers being friends and family. My Bridesmaids were my older sister and one of my oldest friends. I also got one of your robes for my mum to wear while we got our hair and makeup done. Like most brides I searched for the perfect gift that they could keep and would actually want to have. I searched all the department stores and could never find the perfect ones. One day I saw the Style Me Pretty competition to win a robe and I could not believe it when I was chosen. The robe was so soft and luxurious that I just had to get three more for my bridesmaids and my mum! They were so excited when I presented them with their gorgeous robes they couldn’t get them on quick enough. The material is so soft and breathable it was perfect for a warm spring day in Australia. Some of my favourite memories of the day, besides the feeling of being married, were sitting around getting pampered and made up in our robes, sipping champagne, and reading my vows to my bridesmaids before the ceremony practising so I wouldn’t cry! Sara it was such a pleasure dealing with you, it was so easy and the robes arrived in plenty of time for our day. Thank you so much for your assistance.

~ Kimberley H. married 12.12.15, in Bangalow

Animals at Weddings

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I’ll admit it, I like cats…scratch that (pun intended), I love them! I don’t actually have a cat, but I can imagine that if I did, “Princess Cute Muffin” would be there with some kind of flower crown on. Anyone browsing weddings on Pinterest can see everything from elephants to birds, being incorporated into the big day. I don’t know if animals at weddings is a passing trend, or if it has some major staying power, but dressing up your Westie in a little bow tie does’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

kitten in flower crown

{ Photo: Amanda Keeys Photography }

doggy tux

{ Photo: Jennifer Bullock Photography }

Some people refer to their pets as their “furry kids,” so it kind of makes sense to have your kids at your wedding, don’t you agree? If you find dressing up your animal a little over the top, pets with signage are a great idea… assuming that you can trust that your four-legged friend won’t run off.

doggy signage wedding

{ Photo: Leila Brewster Photography }

small dog with sign wedding

{ Photo via Pinterest }

No pet? A llama or elephant adds an exotic touch to a destination wedding. Goats and horses complete the vision for rustic farm weddings, adding a level of authenticity and of course making for adorable and beautiful photos.

elephant in wedding

{ Photo: Amanda Kopp }

Wedding Goat

{ Photo: EP Love }

If all else fails, maybe you will be lucky enough to have an uninvited “guest” show up at just the right moment…

Deer in Wedding

{ Photo: Thru Kat’s Eye Photography }

Horse in Wedding

{ Photo: Marie Wootton Photography }




{Looking Back} Real Brides Q & A

This is a section that I like to call “Real Brides~ Q & A.” All of the gorgeous wedding blogs out there inform one about the vendors, the venue, and the planners- that is all well and good, but what about the nitty gritty details- like did the bride’s feet hurt? Which part was the most stressful? And what is her best advice to those about to “take the plunge?” Each week we will feature a different bride whose wedding day has passed, but her advice is well needed! As they say, “hindsight is 20/20.”

Real Bride #1: Abbie Rockwell

Photographer: Lena Kamber

When and where did you get married?

Winter Solstice~ December 21, 2010 Stinson Beach, CA

What was the best moment of the day?

The entire day was a string of blessed moments. Best day of my life. Can’t think of the best moment…oh perhaps the end of the night, after it was all over, when we were walking arm and arm with a light rain to our honeymoon suite.

What was the most memorable moment of the day (different than the best- maybe something funny, someone fainting, bad toast, etc)?

After our oyster, caviar and champagne reception when we walked from the beach house to the lagoon house- it was all lit with candles in the atrium.

If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?


What were you thinking while you were walking down the aisle?

I walked arm and arm with my father out to the ocean where there was a burning fire pit, Adam Burke our priest, Ricki looking fondly at me, and our immediate family all watching as well…. I was overjoyed with happiness.

Did you do anything special to get in tiptop shape?

Drank lots of water, took my vitamins, and followed a healthy skin care regimen two months before.

What is your advice for choosing bridesmaids?

Do what you want and don’t let anyone run your wedding but you.

What was your first dance song?

Harvest Moon.

What shoes did you wear and were they comfortable?

Charles David, nude paten leather heels. Comfortable YES and they were perfect!

Were you able to enjoy the reception or did you feel that you needed to “work the room?”

Enjoyed every minute of it and I was able to connect with everyone… all 22 of them.

What is your best “day of wedding” advice?

Stay calm; enjoy the moment- be at the location the one or two nights before and a few nights after. We spent a week out at Stinson Beach and didn’t go anywhere. Not only did we have memorable wedding we had a memorable wedding week on vacation with family. It was amazing.

Did your relationship feel different after the wedding?

No, just a little bit better.