Style Me Pretty Giveaway

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In honor of summer, we are doing a pastel robe giveaway with Style Me Pretty! Head over to their website here, for a chance to win your choice of the Betty, Shirley, Arabella, Paige, or Lillian robes.

Below is a little pastel pretty inspiration from some real bridal parties. Enjoy!

Rachel in Doie Lounge Robes

{ Photo: Andre Maier Photography }

Betty Robes

{ Valorie Darling Photography }

Sophie & Bridesmaids in Doie Lounge Robes

{ Photo: Keepsake Photography }


{ Jeff Tisman Photography }

Natalie_blfstudios Inc.

{ BLF Studios }

Montego ‘Maids

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 {Photo: Maggie Thalheimer, of Gerber and Scarpelli}

Whit and I were married at the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Jamaica in February of 2013 (the best time to escape a Chicago winter!)  95 of our friends and family joined us in Jamaica for the most memorable, fun-filled weekend.  When Whit and I were deciding on gifts for our bridal party we wanted to give them all really special gifts after all they were doing for us!  Doie Lounge bridesmaid robes were perfect.  I really had never seen anything like them, and I can’t even describe how comfy they are (I wear mine EVERY SINGLE DAY when I am getting ready, my husband jokes that I live in it, and he’s pretty much telling the truth!)

My bridesmaids absolutely loved these robes, and it was so fun to get ready in the bridesmaid robes all together.  My little sister called me last week and said thank you again for the robe as she uses it all the time (in fact she told one of her good friends to use Doie Lounge for her bridesmaid robes). It makes me so happy that it is something that the girls can wear all the time and think of our awesome wedding weekend- truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Sara was an amazing vendor to work with…she responds quickly to emails, offers great suggestions and I received the bridesmaid robes extremely quickly- I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Sara and Doie Lounge– just the best!

~Mary R. married 02.09.13, in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Just Maui’ed

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 {Photo: Callaway Gable}

I was fortunate to have amazing sisters to stand beside me on my wedding and knew the Doie Robes would be a perfect bridesmaid gift.  I picked a variety of colors that would fit their personalities and I chose my favorite color, blue, so I could continue to wear it after the wedding.  They were the perfect attire for the relaxing morning and everyone looked beautiful in the robes with lovely Maui in the background.  I was so excited to find these robes and working with Sara made it easy and stress free.

~ Eryn S., married January 19, 2014, in Maui

{Giveaway Follow up}

One of the best things about my job is getting feedback from happy customers. Nothing makes my day like a photo in my inbox from a bride, new mom, or anyone sporting a Doie Lounge robe with a smile. So you can imagine my excitement when I received some images from Trena’s wedding. Trena was a Doie Lounge robe winner, in one of our giveaway contests and we featured her sweet engagement story last year.

Trena looks so happy and beautiful, I love these photos by photographer Katy Weaver

When asked about her wedding, Trena said the following:

“Many of the elements were DIY, from the pinwheels, to the programs, to the invitations. Even my necklace and bracelet were DIY by one of my bridesmaids, who wore it for her own wedding. It was a casual, garden party style wedding, where everyone could cut loose, dance, and play our home-made giant jenga. We couldn’t stop smiling all night!
Thank you again for the AMAZING robe. It was so soft, and all the girls complimented me on it! I still wear it too!”

Her gorgeous smile says it all.

Sexy, Comfy, Pretty

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 Photographer: Charity Swords

Greg & I were married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on January 16, 2013.  We were so very fortunate to have 65 of our closest family and friends join us and we had an amazing time spending the week with them all.  Although it rained our ENTIRE wedding day we refused to let it get us down and had such a great night we were all still dancing at 3 am!

I wanted to get my bridesmaids something that they could also use after the wedding and when I came across these bridesmaid robes I knew they were exactly what I was looking for.  They were perfect for lounging around in the suite while we were getting our hair and makeup done and were awesome to have with us for the rest of the vacation. I highly recommend these bridesmaid robes to destination brides!  We all used them throughout the entire week and I already know it will be coming with me to Thailand on our 1 year anniversary trip.  The quality of the bridesmaid robes is amazing, they are so soft and even after washing they look like new.  They are the perfect mix of sexy, comfy and pretty and I know I will use it for years to come.  Sara you’re the best!!

Lindsay W. married on 01.16.13 in in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Pebble Beach Classic

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Photo: Page Bertelson

“The Doie Robes were the absolute perfect compliment to my wedding day – so soft, so comfortable and the perfect attire for a day of pampering and champagne. My bridesmaids adored them, and I for one have been living in mine ever since. I never was one to travel with a robe, but my Doie robe is so soft and special, it even made it into my backpack to Africa. Thank you Sara and Doie!”

~ Kylie M. married 10.20.13, in Pebble Beach, CA

{Keep Calm And Get Married}

Today I am excited to announce that we have a guest blogger! Rona Bolton is a part-time writer for and is a marriage counselor who also works with brides-to-be before their big day. She’s an expert when it comes to planning great hen party ideas (that’s bachelorette parties for those not in the UK).

{Photographer: Red Fish Blue Fish}

As we all know, weddings are fraught with all kinds of emotions bordering from positive, joyous ones to unfavorable anxiety attacks. No matter the strength of your feelings, the best way to keep everything smooth sailing is to remain calm and collected for the most part. Below are some tips on how to rein in your emotions on some common scenarios you might experience in your wedding.

Scenario 1: Wedding Preparation Meddlers

An all too common event in most wedding preparations are overbearing parents, siblings or in-laws who are entitled to think that they should have a say on all your planning and arrangement decisions. Although it’s certainly nice of them to suggest a couple of ideas, draw the line when they insist on having their own way. After all, it’s your wedding and it should only be you or your soon-to-be husband who gets to have the final say.

Of course, getting that message across should be done in a tactful and sensitive manner. Ultimately, you want to maintain cordial relations with your family or in-laws since all they really want is the best for you even if you guys differ in defining what exactly constitutes the “best.” You can do this by saying you appreciate their suggestions and then politely tell them that as the bride, it is your happiness that’s on the line and you would really be grateful if they could lend you a helping hand without treating their proposals as the absolute decision.


Scenario 2: Bridal Shower Drama

Another often talked about case are bridal shower dramas. These are instances wherein one of the guests – usually a friend – who brings her personal issues into the party. What this does is that it shifts the celebration’s attention to the one bringing the drama instead of the rightful recipient, which is the bride-to-be.

There is certainly no excuse for this since as the bride, it is your proper time to shine especially seeing that you’re entering another milestone in your life. The best way to handle is to talk with your friend sincerely regarding how you feel. Tell her that you are aware of her problems and you feel for her, only that you would appreciate it if you guys can talk about it after the party. That way, you’re not entirely ignoring her plight and you’re just asking her for a leeway to celebrate this special occasion with everyone else.

{Katie Hall Photography, Bride in Doie Lounge Robe}

Scenario 3: Pre-wedding Jitters

On the morning of your wedding day, it’s normal for brides to feel a bit nervous in regards to how all their preparations pan out. Being jittery before the wedding is okay as long as you don’t get crippled with anxiety. To keep this from happening, have some proven calming measures ready on the day of your wedding. If listening to music or lighting some aromatherapy candles settle you down then by all means do so.

Special Touch

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Photographer: Diane Askew

“I was married on October 27, 2012 in picturesque St. Helena, California.  Getting ready for the biggest event of my life was surreal–in the best way, of course.  It was a crisp, sunny fall day.  The kind you really only get in Northern California.  I preened and primped in my family’s home nestled in the vineyards just feet from where my now husband got down on bended knee and asked for my hand the December before….I was surrounded by my two very favorite girlfriends.  One a college roommate; the other a fabulous friend who also happens to be Sara’s cousin (it was in fact Sara who had the brilliant idea of connecting us when life’s twists and turns had us both living in DC after college).  I could not imagine a more magical morning shared with more beautiful women on a more momentous day.  Being robed in Doie was by far the most special touch.  We were all so incredibly comfortable and felt so pretty.  I am forever grateful to Sara and Doie for making my pre-wedding “getting ready” hours even more amazing.  And we’ve been enjoying our robes every day since then.  Mine brings back the most wonderful memories and will for years to come!”

~ L.M. married 10.27.12 in St. Helena, CA

Calm, Comfortable, & Chic

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Photo: Pat Furey

“Throughout our entire wedding planning and prep process, we tried to keep everything as calm and fun as possible (all while managing everything during only an 8 month engagement!). The morning of the wedding was no different! Spending the morning in our extremely comfortable and very chic robes let us relax and just have an amazingly FUN time hanging out and getting ready. It was like a real party! Now we’ll have the robes to remember all the fun we had that morning for years to come!”

~Meg M, Married 9.1.12